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GlassMasters offers professional surface protection services to facilities managers. 


Glass Protection Services - Customer Case Studies

Public messaging

Auckland Transport public messaging campaign

GlassMasters printed and applied these images on Auckland Rail Stations as part of the Public Awareness campaign... Read on



Sydney buses sydney bus after

Our printable anti-graffiti film was trialled on Sydney's Transdev buses to save replacement of vandalised windows. In...  Read on



Merchant Quarter Heat-reducing solar filmMerchant Quater

The excessive heat build-up in the north-facing lift lobbies of this residential apartment block required a solution... Read on



Onehunga Bus InterchangeOnehunga Bus Shelter

Auckland Transport completed major works to build a bus interchange in Onehunga. The shelters were protected... Read on



Takanini Rail Station Takanini complete August 2013

The Takanini Rail station had been heavily vandalised with deep scratch graffiti on all the polycarbonate panes. We... Read on



Auckland International Airport liftsAuckland Airport

The architects in charge of the Auckland International Airport expansion,approached us to supply and apply... Read on



Takapuna bus shelterTakapuna Bus Shelter Print Design and Application

GlassMasters was approached by Auckland Transport to develop an art illustration that could be applied to the...  Read on



  Otahuhu Pic 1Otahuhu Bus and Train Interchange

 GlassMasters completed the largest printed anti-graffiti film application project to date in NZ at the Otahuhu... Read on



thumb 1-civic-centre-hendersonHenderson Civic Centre

The Henderson Civic Centre serves as hub of public transport as well as a base for Auckland City. The project... Read on



ManurewaAuckland Rail Stations going green

One of the very first printed anti-graffiti film designs and applications in New Zealand, GlassMasters helped to 'green up'... Read on...



Sunnyvale PacificaPacifica' Illustration Design, Print and Application - Auckland Rail Network

In response to the ever increasing prevalence of glass scratch vandalism, GlassMasters developed a printed...  Read on



One Tree Hill CollegeOne Tree Hill College

GlassMasters was approached by One Tree Hill College in 2010 to provide a solution to problem of glass etching... Read on


girl on path

Auckland Bus Shelters

 GlassMasters has been working with local boards since 2010 to provide protection to council assets whilst reducing... Read on


Eco-Friendly Products

GlassMasters works hard at being environmentally responsible.

Recycle001Our anti-graffiti film is recyclable with damaged film that is removed sent for recycling as are off cuts and the backing sheet of the film that is removed before we apply the film. More>>

Customer Service


Our Customer Service is available to help you with any enquiries.

Call us on
0800 452 777

We care about our environment. Removing scratch and mineral damage from glass by using The Glass Masters System will help reduce the amount of glass we need to manufacture, which in turn reduces the CO2 emissions produced during manufacture. The glass industry is one of the biggest consumers of energy. Every 1000kg of glass manufactured produces over 600kg of C02. Also, most unlike glass bottles, most window glass is not easily recycled and is destined for the land fill. The mining of sand used to make glass also raises environmental concerns. If at all possible, restore rather than replace. Your planet will thank you.

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