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GlassMasters offers professional surface protection services to facilities managers. 


sylvia-park-largeSylvia Park Station

Sylvia Park Station had glass etching over all of the panes. Before applying the anti-graffiti film, the entire surface of each pane had to be polished with a 3000-grit, central waterfed polisher to remove paint specks. GlassMasters then applied Clear Anti-Graffiti Window Film over the ends of the shelters, along with No Smoking signs applied under the film. GlassMasters also applied printed anti-graffiti images of Pohutukawa trees on the back panes of the shelter.

This solution has now been rolled out to more than a dozen Auckland rail stations.

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Eco-Friendly Products

GlassMasters works hard at being environmentally responsible.

Recycle001Our anti-graffiti film is recyclable with damaged film that is removed sent for recycling as are off cuts and the backing sheet of the film that is removed before we apply the film. More>>

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We care about our environment. Removing scratch and mineral damage from glass by using The Glass Masters System will help reduce the amount of glass we need to manufacture, which in turn reduces the CO2 emissions produced during manufacture. The glass industry is one of the biggest consumers of energy. Every 1000kg of glass manufactured produces over 600kg of C02. Also, most unlike glass bottles, most window glass is not easily recycled and is destined for the land fill. The mining of sand used to make glass also raises environmental concerns. If at all possible, restore rather than replace. Your planet will thank you.

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