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Beach Haven Ferry Terminal - Polycarbonate Pane Replacement 

GlassMasters was asked by  Auckland Transport to provide a solution to the scratch vandalised/etched Polycarbonate panes at Beach Haven Ferry Terminal.  None of the panes on this wharf complex had a protective film to guard against scratch tagging. Many were vandalised beyond repair.

A decision was made to replace the vandalised panes. Due to the size of the Polycarbonate panes,  the martial was not available in NZ and had to be imported specifically for this job. GlassMasters project managed the importation and installation of the new  panes and then applied a protective Hanita Polyzone 100 micron laminate to protect the panes from future scratch tag vandalism.

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We care about our environment. Removing scratch and mineral damage from glass by using The Glass Masters System will help reduce the amount of glass we need to manufacture, which in turn reduces the CO2 emissions produced during manufacture. The glass industry is one of the biggest consumers of energy. Every 1000kg of glass manufactured produces over 600kg of C02. Also, most unlike glass bottles, most window glass is not easily recycled and is destined for the land fill. The mining of sand used to make glass also raises environmental concerns. If at all possible, restore rather than replace. Your planet will thank you.

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